Senbel Bio Series

With the deteriorating global environment and acceleration of city rhythm, the biological activity of facial and body skin is being gradually affected, the skin is likely to lose self-healing power and resilience against the outside world. Inevitably, our skin continue to suffer the loss of skin moisture, becoming dry and dull with less and less glow… 
Today, Senbel Bio sincerely offers you 9 organic skincare products. Brightening the complexion and protecting your skin against external agressions of urban life are the two leading motives of Senbel Bio, which solve the skin problem as above for you in a heartfelt way. 
"Sheer complexion" series, rich in clarifying active ingredients and natural extracts, help detoxify and smooth the skin, they bring a great effect of firming skin and brightening the complexion. Especially the extract of wheat bran, it acts on several levels of melanogenesis for a radiant complexion; and the extract of centella asiatica, that stimulates the production of collagen for a firmer, more toned and rosy skin. 
"Urban protection" series gather natural ingredients that help the skin resist the urban life and industrial pollution. The extract of moringa oleifera seed protects skin against pollutants and has a purifying action on the skin by helping the elimination of asphyxiating microparticules from the environment, which enables you to emanate vitality and freshness. 
Senbel Bio has carefully chosen ingredients which are both natural and respect the consumer and the environment, the whole range is approved by ECOCERT. 



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Urban Protection Soothing Serum
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Sheer Complexion Exfoliating Cream
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Sheer Complexion Unifying Mask
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Sheer Complexion Regulating Cream
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Decollete Serum
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Sheer Complexion Firming Cream Body and Neck
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