Estebel classic Series

Estebel Classic Collection is a Line of care from our research laboratories in France.

A prestigious cosmetics brand, it is also a natural and innovative brand.

Our values :
• Natural Ingredients,
• Technicity: selection of effective ingredients,
• Pleasure: melting textures and divine perfumes

Our commitment, use the benefits of plants and fruits.

Today, two lines co-exist:
A hydrating line, easily recognizable by its blue color, the moistrurizing series is enriched in extracts of roses, aloe vera, green tea etc which can effectively nourish and soften your skin by restoring water molecules in skin;meanwhile, by a perfect combination of hydrating elements as marine collagen and glycerol, the skin cells’ regeneration gets accelerated and the skin regains its elasiticity.
A lightening line, cream colored, the brightening series contains refined natural extracts from bearberry, scutellaria, white mulberry etc. Those active elements could reduce skin spots and block the melanin synthesis. Besides, the salicylic acid, borage oil, marine collagen etc help soothe wrinkles and prevent skin from ageing.

By its high-perfomance formula, Night Cream, the star product of this collection, perfectly combines the extracts from coralline algae, aloe vera, cucumber and jojoba oil, providing your skin an unique experience of skin hydration, nourishment and whitening.
As is known to all that daily-life pressure, environment pollution and computer radiation etc  result in formation of free radicals which would accelerate skin ageing process. The coralline algae is rich in calcium carbonate, magnesium and zinc owing to which the cream stimulates skin’s biological activity, regulates the mineral balance, speeds up metabolism, activating and making your skin more resilient. A continued use of this Night Cream will bring confidence to your skin after a sweet night dream!

Estebel Classic Collection makes all its efforts to provide you a moistrurizing and brightening skin. Through its pro-skin formula, Estebel products will awake and revitalize the tiring skin to regain its radiance.

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