Wellness Maintenance

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Citronnelle Aroma Oil
Citronnelle Aroma Oil The citronella scent is the most widely used fragrance in Chinese medic..
Ginseng Aroma Oil
Ginseng Aroma Oil Besides expensive health supplements, aromatherapy comes in handy when we ..
Grapefruit Aroma Oil
Grapefruit Aroma Oil The aroma of grapefruit is known to lift the spirits in times of depres..
Lotus  Flowers Aroma Oil
Lotus  Flowers Aroma Oil The fragrance of the lotus flower's essence is seen as a spirit..
Ocean Breeze Aroma Oil
Ocean Breeze Aroma Oil The bergamot fragrance is sweet, mellow and mild. Just like the gentle..
Orange Blossom Aroma Oil
Orange Blossom Aroma Oil Refreshing fruity fragrance, gives a cooling and calming effect whi..
Rose de Rose Aroma Oil
Rose de Rose Aroma Oil The rose aroma is especially suited to the dry and cold wintry weather..