Refining Hair & Body Care Series

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Bust Cream
Firming Complex The bust is composed of a network of elastic fibers that determines bust deve..
Colour Resist Shampoo
This shampoo has a gentle cleaning action and it repairs the weakened capillary fibre while depos..
Detangling and Moisturizing Conditioner
This formula has a gentle detangling action on your hair without making it lank or heavy. Its moi..
Energizing Water for Woman
ESTEBEL’s Energizing Water For Woman is a spray especially developed for ladies. Its elegantly fl..
Hair Sculpting Gel for Women
With its high concentration of fixing resins, this gel is perfect for taming short hair, structur..
Leg Cream
ESTEBEL Leg cream can effectively resolve the problem of thick legs caused by overly-trained musc..
Slimming/ Firming Cream
Our modern, busy lifestyle has led to unhealthy diets, filled with fatty foods. ESTEBEL Slimming ..
“Winter Special” Bronze Leg Cream
Lightly coloured cream for a slight tanning action and highlighting of the legs. It protects agai..